Are we really doing this?!

zoe-tavHello and welcome to GachaGood! if you have found this blog then your are most likely my first subscriber! So a big thank you and i look forward to seeing your comments and remember your my favourite….just don’t mention that to the others   lets start off with introducing myself! I’m Zoella and I’m a gacha addict…. Phew! feel better for getting that out in the open! So one rather boring uneventful day i decided to take the plunge and start blogging! well why the hell not right? i love anything fashion and totally addicted to gacha hunting..oh and all the amazing events! I’m a crazy shopper, i love trying out new looks and styles. Constantly looking out for new stores and newly released items. So my aim for this blog is to keep you guys up to date with new stores, new releases, deals, sales, events, gacha finds, and stuff i think you might enjoy. My partner in crime Tavian will also  be helping me blog, but from the male side of things, it will be super exciting to see what he comes up with, so look out for his blog coming Soon. Oh and happy Valentines x.x


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